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  • Jianjiaoling Forest Park is located at the junction of Qianlong Community, Xishan Community and Tanggan Village in Sanxiang.
  • The total investment of the project is about 400 million yuan, and the expected annual output value is 680 million yuan after it is put into operation.
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  • Although he grew up under the influence of foreign cultures, Feng Jiaxing still had a clear goal of acquiring skills and eventually returning to his hometown to contribute in its development.
  • Zhongshan-based enterprises put more than 260 kinds of products on shelves at preferential prices, about 50 of which were showed one by one in the live streaming event.
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  • More than 2,000 books which are mainly works of literature are offered to readers this time.
  • The autumn equinox came on September 22, along with the 3rd Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival as promised.
  • The drama is a realistic masterpiece from female perspective, telling the accounts of 4 young people in the tide of modern times.
  • The drama tells the story of the struggles of ordinary citizens in Zhongshan during the fight against COVID-19 and the attitudes of different characters towards the epidemic.
  • A seven-character octave entitled "Zhang Fuqing" won the only first prize of the third "Prized Collection of Chinese Poetry" competition.
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